Storia e Costumi Calabresi

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CALABRIA, land to discovery.
800 kms of coasts frame landscapes of unpolluted beauty, between the Ionian sea and the Tyrrhenian sea among thousands of streams.
A surface of about 15.000 Km that is represented by over 90% of mountains and hills.
The superb massifs of Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte form Calabria's backbone and hide ethereal angles that seem to belong to northern countries rather than south Italy.
You will also find impalpable sand on the endless beaches and a wonderful sea with various and stunning colours.

CALABRIA, land of emigration but also a land that is proud of its pluri millenarian history and of its culture.

CALABRIA, land of art and ancient traditions.

CALABRIA, hospitable land that from the very first encounter amazes the tourists because it does not correspond at all to the stereotypes through which it is too often defined.

CALABRIA, hard working land that is re-evaluating its tourism, handicraft and also the small industry.

CALABRIA, environmental, cultural and historical inheritance in all the world.