Famous Calabrian People

Flavio Magno Aurelio Cassiodoro

Once occupied Italy in 493, Theodoric tried to create a fruitful and peaceful cohabitation between the Roman and the Osthrogothic People. In his work he was helped by a man that we can consider the most authoritative representative of the Roman aristocracy that tended to the fusion between the two people: Flavio Magno Aurelio Cassiodoro.
He was born in Squillace and belonged to a noble and rich family from the east. Endowed with a smart genius, he had a great and deep culture, he supported Theodoric's work with his writings and his political action. The king appreciated him to such a point that he appointed him Questor, then Consul and finally Minister. As a Questor, he was charged with the official mail. The great deal of letters written by him collected and preserved under the title of VARIAE, besides pointing out his doctrine, his learning, his honesty and his political sense, are also a precious source to study the history of the Osthrogothic Kingdom.