Famous Calabrian People

Giuseppe Poerio

He was born on 16 th Jannuary 1775. Convinced supporter of the French Revolution, he took part to the Plots of Naples and he became an authoritative reppresentative of the Parthenopean Repubblic (1799). During the Borbonic reaction, he was imprisoned and condemned to the gallows but the panalty was changed into life imprisonment. He stayed in the prison of Favignana up to 1901 xhen he was set free. He returned to Calabria till 1806 when Giuseppe Bonaparte bacame King of Naples. He appointed Poerio Intendent of the Province of Capitanata and then (1809) Royal Commissary for Calabria. The King Gioacchino Murat, succeeded to Bonaparte, in 1812 appointed him State Consellor. In 1815 he signed a protest against Austrian violence and for this reason he was arrested and sent to Graz where in 1823 obtained to come back home. He lived in Florence, in France and in England, then he come back to Naples (1833) where he exerted legal profession together with his son Carlo. Giuseppe Poerio, patriot and Republican, died in Naples on 5 th August 1843.