Famous Calabrian People

Saint Francisco from Paola

The Angeuin rule (1268 - 1442) marked a great regress in all South Italy; then this inconvenient situation accentuated under the Aragoneses (1442 - 1502) with the development of the feudal institution; the barons, powerful and overbearing, burdened people with taxes skips and compulsory services, common people rose (1461) without being able to relieve the yoke that got more oppressive.
Just a modest voice but steady and authoritative raised against all abuses: Saint Francisco d'Alessio's voice. The Monk from Paola. He had founded the order of "Minimi" (1435) that was characterised by a penitent life and by the saying "CHARITAS". Francisco from Paola died in France and hi was declared Blesser Soul in 1513 and Saint in 1519.