Famous Calabrian People

Giovanni Nicotera

Born in Sambiase in September 9 th 1828, he was a patriot and a political man. A follower of Luigi Settembrini, he took part to the "Sons of Young Italy" mouvment (I Figli della Giovane Italia), a secret society founded in Calabria by his uncle Benedetto Musolino. Owing to political reasons, he was forced to go in exile in Malta and in Corfù. Returned in Italy, he took part to the defence of Rome, where he was wounded on June 3 rd 1849. Then he went to Turin where he made acquaintance with Mazzini and in 1857 he took part to the expedition to Sapri with Carlo Pisacane. During Garibaldi's Thousand's expedition, he joined Garibaldi first in Sicily and then in Naples. His reputation as a patriot was useful for his election to Deputy of Parliament in 1861 and than he was Minister of the Interior in Depreti's Departmental Staff and in Rudini's too. He died on June 13 th 1894 at Vico Equense.