Famous Calabrian People

Pasquale Galluppi

He was born in Tropea, 2 nd April 1770. By studyng Leibniz's works, he passed from the philosophical research to the theological one. In 1795 he published "Memoria Apologetica" in wich he affirmed that in was necessary to consider as sins pagan virtues because of the lack of true charity. After he studied the great philosophers of sensism and published in 1807 the "Trattato sull'Analisi e la Sintesi". Then he studied Kant and from that studyng he wrote the "Saggio Filosofico sulla Critica della Conoscenza". Galluppi called his system "Philosophy of Experience". In 1831 he was appointed professor at the university of Naples and in 1838 Italian Correspondent for the Academy of France. He published "Filosofia della Volontà" (Philosophy of Will) between 1832 and 1840. He also wrote against the Pantheism of Schelling, Hegel, Lamennais. He died 13 th December 1846.