Famous Calabrian People

Florestano Pepe

He was born on 4 th March 1778. He was sent, as an officer to the infantrymen regiment of Burgundy against Napoleon Bonaparte. He was influenced by the charm of the Emperor and in 1806, he joined up first the army of King Giuseppe Bonaparte and then the army of Gioacchino Murat that had obtained by Napoleon the Reign of Naples. He took part to the disastrous campaign of Russia that marked the end of Napoleon and of the hopes that he had caused in many patriot's souls. In 1820 he was glad for the Constitution granted by the King of Naples and he took part to the government during the short constitutional period. The abrogration of the constitution and the repression of the Carbonari's movement marked also the and of his hopes. He retired to private life and died in Naples on April 3 rd 1851.