Famous Calabrian People

Umberto Boccioni

Leader of a Painting Futurist Movement, he was born in Reggio Calabria in 1882 and died in Sorte (Verona) in 1916. Writer and Journalist, he was also a painter and sculptor, he partecipated with various articles to the movement born around tha magazine "Lacerba". His meeting with painting happened in Rome vetween 1898 and 1902, in Gioacchino Balla's study, regularly frequented in that time also by Gino Severini . Then Boccioni was in Paris, Pietroburg, Padua, Vicenza and finally in Milan. And it was there that he wrote the "manifesto of the futurist painting movement" (2 nd february 1910), in which he synthetized Italian Futurists' intents. As many yowngsters of his time, Boccioni felt an anxiety of renewal and radical tone both in art and in society. Art was considered as life and engangement in society.